Sustainable Living

By: Brock Beeler

What is sustainable living?

    Sustainable living is a lifestyle that tries to reduce an individuals or societies use of the Earths natural resources and personal resources to. Practitioners often try to make their carbon footprint go away by changing ways of transportation, energy consumption, and diet.

How to live a sustainable life

We could both live a sustainable life if we wanted to. There are 5 steps you can take to live a sustainable life.

1. Think before you print!

* This is for any one who prints papers a lot kind of like teachers.

2. Turn off your power.

* Turn off your lights when you leave the house or turn off your tv's and power cords.

3. Transportation.

* Dont use your car for everything. You have legs use them.

4. Cleaning.

* Dont use paper towels use wash cloths instead.

5. Recycling.

* Recycle paper and pop cans so they can be reused.

Can I live a sustainable life?

Well of course I can. I already do. I recycle my cans by giving them to my sister so she can take them in. I don't do my homework so the teachers dont have to print out paper for me. I also just dont use toilet paper or paper towels at all.