Edvuard Munch

Life and Art of Edvuard Munch

Edvuard's Life

Edvard Munch was born on December 12,1863 in Adalsbruk, Norway. Munch died on January 14, 1944 in Olso, Norway. Edvard grew up in Norway's capital, Oslo, then called Christiania .He was a expressionist movement in modern painting.Edvard Munch was the most famous artist to come from Norway.One of his most famous work was "The Scream".

Edvard's Art

Edvard was an expressionist movement for modern art. Expressionism movement started around the 1850's to describe art like Edvard's artwork "The Scream".He's art are proportional. Everything was is about the right size it should be and look. Munch's art also had alot of of color, he had lots of variety of color in his arts especially the scream.Munch' works are mostly figurative because he does lots of artworks that deal with people and scenery.

Some Of Munch's Artwork