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List Serv October 13, 2016

Important Dates to Remember

10.19.16 Math Workshop for Parents/Guardians 5:30 pm (Please RSVP)

10.19.16 PTO (6:30 pm)

10.20.16 ERD

10.21.16 Fall Spooktacular (6-8 pm)

11.8.16 No School Veteran's Day: Staff Professional Day

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Attendance Policy

Chariho Regional School District Attendance Policy

Section VI Pages 1 of 3 Students


The purpose of the Chariho School District Attendance Policy is to bring students and teachers together so that learning can take place. Attendance at school is a serious matter and time lost from class, including tardies and early dismissals, is irretrievable. Studies show that attendance is directly related to a student’s success in school. Attendance records are also part of a student’s permanent record, which may be passed on to any organization seeking references. Rhode Island state law requires all students between the ages of six and sixteen years to be registered in and attend school regularly.


Exempt Absences

Exempt absences include a student’s participation in an approved school-sponsored activity, suspension days, religious holidays, a death in the family, a doctor-excused illness or injury (doctor’s written excuse must be submitted no later than five (5) school days following the absence), a school nurse teacher-excused illness or injury, court appearance, military deployment event, or dismissal from school by school principal or designee. Exempt absences do not count toward attendance policy limits. (See promotion points and course credit requirements.)

Non-Exempt Absences

Non-exempt absences include all absences not listed as Exempt Absences. Non-exempt

absences count toward attendance policy limits. (See promotion points and course credit



A student is considered truant when he/she purposely stays away from school without

parent/guardian permission. Students who do miss school with parent/guardian permission, however, may be considered truant.


Aspects of the Attendance Policy may be reviewed when challenges are filed within ten (10)

school days of the issuance of an ‘E’ on a report card. For seniors during the fourth quarter, the challenge must be filed within five (5) school days of formal notification of an ‘E’. Regarding student or parent requests for review concerning promotion points and course credit, the administration is authorized, when there are extenuating circumstances, to implement an individualized point or credit recovery plan. Appeals of review decisions will be in accord with the Appeals Policy.

Grades K-12


1. All absences, tardies, and early dismissals are recorded and reported as non-exempt until an appropriate excuse is provided in writing. See definitions above for exempt and nonexempt absences.

2. A parent/guardian is required to call the school to report their child’s absence. The

school clerk will attempt to contact the parent/guardian regarding absences if the school

has not been notified. This contact does not imply that such absences are exempt. Parent

permission, in and of itself, is not recognized as a legitimate reason for absence.

3. Following four (4) non-exempt absences, which may include tardies, and/or early

dismissals, the school will contact the parent/guardian to notify them of the attendance

concerns and provide a copy of the attendance policy for their review. See High School

specific information below.

4. Following eight (8) non-exempt absences, which may include tardies, and/or early

dismissals, the school will contact the parent/guardian in writing requesting a meeting. A

referral may be made to the Attendance Officer.

5. Following ten (10) non-exempt absences, which may include tardies, and/or early

dismissals, a referral will be made to the Attendance Officer and/or Truancy Court. See

High School specific information below.

6. Appointments with doctors, dentists, etc. should be made at times other than during the

school day.

7. Students with any non-exempt absence, tardy and/or early dismissal on the day of a

school-related activity (e.g., dance, play) may not attend that activity.


Student absence from class for purposes of family travel or vacation is a loss of valuable class time and is strongly discouraged. All work will be provided upon return to school; students will have one day for each day missed to complete work, up to a maximum of three (3) days.


A written request for early dismissal for medical or family reasons signed by the student’s

parent/guardian must be presented to the first period classroom teacher or office on the day of the early dismissal; only those individuals specified on the Emergency Contact List may pick-up a student. Parental phone calls requesting an early dismissal must be approved by the Principal/Designee. This request must contain the date, time, reason for dismissal, telephone number for verification, and parent/guardian signature.

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Annual RI Festival of Children's Books

This coming Saturday, October 15th, is the annual RI Festival of Children's Books and Authors at the Lincoln School in Providence. THis all-day festival is always very special, with lots of famous children's authors presenting and also autographing (books available on site, or bring your own) their work. In addition, music, storytellers and food-trucks are in the mix, setting the stage for a great day with your kids! Here's more information about the event and the authors who are coming this year:

Stop & Shop Rewards Update

Hi Everyone! I wanted to let you know that although the the A+ Rewards program started on Friday, October 7th points are not showing up on receipts.
The Rewards Team has confirmed there is an IT issue and it is impacting all stores. All schools are accruing points, but the glitch in their system is not allowing this to display on individual receipts. S&S’s IT department is working on fixing the problem and hopefully we will see point totals soon.
Thank you!

If you haven’t registered to donate your school points to Richmond you can do so online at: Richmond’s school code is: 07325

Don’t forget anyone you know who shops at S&S can register to donate their school reward points to Richmond Elementary! Message this post to your friends and family!

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Dental Screenings-November 2016

Dental screenings will be conducted in November. All students who have not visited the dentist in the last 12 months will be screened. Rhode Island State Law mandates “yearly dental screenings for all students grades 1 through 5”, and “students who are screened by a private dentist/dental hygienist and who provide written documentation or parental notification of the screening shall be exempt from” school screenings and “may elect not to be screened.”

If you have provided (within the last 5-7 months) evidence of a recent dental visit, you need not respond to this request.

Otherwise, please continue to forward evidence of your child’s/children’s dental appointment. Written documentation from the dentist or a note/email from you with notification of last/next visit will be accepted. Please call 552-7470 or email the nurse with questions/concerns. Forms may be faxed to 401-633-7139. Thank you.

World Language

October, 2016

Dear Parents/Guardians,

In Kindergarten class this month, students are counting up to 10. They have learned the colors of leaves (roja - red, amarilla - yellow, café - brown, anaranjada - orange, verde - green) and a poem about trees and leaves.

Soy un árbol. I am a tree.

Tengo una hoja. I have a leaf.

La hoja se cae. The leaf falls.

No tengo hojas. I have no leaves.

In First grade, students are making books about the days of the week (lunes - Monday, martes - Tuesday, miércoles - Wednesday, jueves - Thursday, viernes - Friday, sábada - Saturday, domingo - Sunday). They are also learning more ways to express how they are feeling (feliz - happy, triste - sad, tengo hambre - I’m hungry, tengo sed - I’m thirsty).

In Second grade, students are making books about the 4 seasons and the weather associated with each. Students are reading the morning message in Spanish and telling how the weather is. They are reviewing their numbers, learning up to 39 and deciding if a number is odd (impar) or even (par). They are also reviewing how they are feeling using many expressions. They also ask each other how they are feeling.

In grades 3 and 4 students are reviewing the weather in RI while comparing to the weather in Spanish speaking countries. They are learning the continents where these countries are located. Did you know there is a Spanish speaking country in Africa? Students are also reviewing their numbers to 39. Some are now counting up to 100!

Please don’t hesitate to contact me with any concerns and I love it when you share how your children are using their language outside of the classroom. You may click on my name below to send me an email. Our World Language website also has resources that you may want to access.

Hasta luego,

Señora Gendreau

Richmond Elementary School

Richmond Elementary School cultivates lifelong learners and problem solvers through rigor, inquiry, and integrity while recognizing the individuality of each and every child.