culture wars and supreme court

meghan murkin

Abington School District v. Schempp (1962)

In a Pennsylvania town, the public school kids would read verses from the Bible and after to recite the Lord's Prayer, unless excused by a written note from a parent or guardian.

The atheist argued that "a written note was irrelevant since it did not prevent the school's actions from violating the Establishment Clause."

the court found it as a violation.

United States v. Brignoni - Ponce (1975)

People who appeared to be of Mexican decent were offended when border patrol asked them questions about the people inside the vehicle. I thought that was border patrol's job?

it was decided that was not constitutional.

Thompson v. Oklahoma (1988)

People who are 16 and older when they commit capital murder can be sentenced to death. But people call it "cruel and unusual punishment" because they are a minor.

the act would violate the "evolving standards of decency that mark the progress of maturing society."

Miller v. Albright (1998)

A girl born in the Philippines expected to gain citizenship to the US because her father was an American soldier, but her parents had never got married.

has to wait until 18 to be admitted to the US.

Supreme Court Justices

Ruth Ginsburg (1933)

Anthony M. Kennedy (1936)

Both are extremely old and will probably retire or die.


If they leave or die, and our next president is a republican then those spots would most likely go to other republicans. Same situation if they died during Obama's reign.