Westward Expansion

By: Dylan Truong; a fifth grader

Gold Miners

People went crazy over gold. Anyway, the people who went to the Gold Rush were called 49ers because most of them came to California in 1849 even though the Gold Rush started on 1848. The Gold Rush started when James Marshall found gold in California when he was building Sutter's Mill. Normally, gold is found deep underground so it was weird that he found gold above ground. This started the Gold Rush.

GOLD RUSH - GOLD TOWNS (Old Wild West History Documentary)

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Transcontinental Railroad

The Transcontinental Railroad was a pretty awesome convenience for many. It connected the Pacific to the Atlantic and shortened a trip from 6 months to 10 days. The creator of the Transcontinental Railroad was Theodore Judah. It made shipping things from the East to the West more flexible and cheap because of the convenience.
The Transcontinental Railroad


This is what the train usually looked like back when the first Transcontinental Railroad was made.


Pony Express

The Pony Express was started by William H. Russel, William B. Waddel, and Alexander Majors. It started on October 24, 1861. Riders needed to be 22 years or younger so the riders weren't too heavy for the horses to ride long distances.
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