The Order of Operations

P-E-M/D-A/S By, Grace Goodin


Okay so you have a super long problem that you are very confused about! Don't stress! PEMDAS is a simple technique that can help a ton!

How to Use P-E-M/D-A/S

You may be thinking, so I need to use PEMDAS, but how? Let me show you, P stands for Parenthisis, those are the little quarter moons you see hugging some numbers. Do the equation inside the parenthisis first. E stands for Exponets, Those are the numbers that have a mini nuber above them, if you see ten with a mini number of two next to it, do ten times ten. M/D stands for Multiplication or Division, If the multiplication problem comes first in left to right order do it first or vis-versa. Finally A/S stands for Addition or Subtraction, like M/D whichever comes first in the problems do it first.


Have Fun Using Pemdas!