Lord of the Flies Covers

extra credit option #2

Book Cover #1

This cover illustrates many of the things the occur in the book. For example, it shows the contrast of light and dark on the island based on the boys behavior (illustrated by the blue and red of the cover). The symbols of the story (the conch and Piggys glasses) are also included on the illustration. Shards of the specks are on the dark side, and the conch with music notes are on the light side. The pig is also the center of the cover, split right down the middle; half pig on the light side and half skull on the dark side. They also include the parachuter from CH 7 and planes to show that a war was going on at the time.
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Book Cover #2

The second cover I have chosen is really focused on the pig from LOTF. It shows what's been happening in the book in a much more specific way than what book cover #1 did. There is a boy laying on the ground, cowering in fear of this giant, bloody, pig head. It's really trying to show how the fear of the boys is becoming much more real and leading them to turn on each other. They should all have a common enemy (the boar), but instead look at each other. The fear is illustrated very beautifully, which is one of the most important themes of Lord of the Flies.
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Book Cover #3

This painting is another great example of a potential book cover. It represents the two main characters of the island who both think their ideas are better. Raplh (on the left) is holding the conch, which symbolizes the person in charge, and the only one eligible to speak. Jack (on the right) is holding a stick, covered in war paint, with his hair sticking out, only plants for clothing. He is symbolizing that he is the lead hunter, warrior in fact. Each boy in the painting is looking out in a different direction, showing the struggle of the hard choices having to be made on the island. Ralph on ome hand, wants peace and things to be orderly as chief, and Jack as just a lead hunter, wants to kill beasts, explore, and do whatever he wants, when he wants. Although Ralph's leadership seems like the better choice, the thrill and adrenaline make the boys on the island (at least the older ones) choose Jacks side. I really think that this cover is doing a good job at capturing all the rough moments and tension in the story because of these two very different boys.
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Book Cover #4

This choice of cover is much more based around Piggy, a main character , but also very forgotten about.
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