Buffalo Blast

October 2015

MPS Administrators and Faculty Go to School Too!

The beginning of the year not only brings about "reading, writing, and arithmetic" for students, it also brings professional development for those who stand before the class, and those whose responsibility is to lead the district. MPS Administrators and Faculty met just prior to classes beginning, for the purpose of improving and increasing the capabilities of all staff through presentations, training, activities, and the sharing of information with one another. Professional development helps to build and maintain morale of staff members and is thought to attract higher quality staff to an organization.

We are all life-long learners!

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Dr. Gore presenting to MPS Administrators at their Meeting/Workshop on August 3.
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Guest Presenter, George Couros inspired and challenges the MPS faculty on the opening day of the 2015-2016 school year. With him are Jennifer Reyher, Instructional Technology Specialist, Stephanie Holt, Director of Secondary Curriculum, and Janice Parrot, Director of Elementary Curriculum.
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McAlester Public Schools 2015-2016 New Teachers

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"Come Together" for a MPS Strategic Planning Meeting

On Monday, October 26 beginning at 11:30am and concluding at 1:00pm, parents and community members are invited to join with MPS administrators, faculty and staff to discuss preparations for a Strategic Plan for the upcoming years for McAlester Public Schools. A "Bring your own Lunch" meeting will take place in the cafetorium, at the MPS Administrative Central Office, 200 E. Adams. Tea and water will be available. Your opinions and dreams for the future of the McAlester Public Schools are welcome. Please join us!


Monday, Oct. 26th, 11:30am