An Introduction to Coding

A way to learn about new coding resources for your classroom

What will you learn?

This class is meant to show off new resources for teaching coding in the classroom. I have 3 different websites that can teach coding to kids from grades K-6. The three websites can go hand in hand, which helps to eliminate a learning gap when switching between them. The websites focus on coding in Python and Java which are the two most popular coding languages at this time.
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Why Coding?

This question can be easily summed up by,

Computer science drives innovation in the U.S. economy and society. Despite growing demand for the jobs in the field, it remains marginalized throughout the U.S. K-12 education system.

The earlier students come in contact with coding the more proficient they will become. This can lead to more in depth learning of coding in middle and high school. Becoming more advanced in coding won't just help the future programmers in the room, it also helps develop important skills such as:

  • Logical Thinking
  • Problem Solving
  • Persistence
  • Collaboration
  • Communication
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The New York Times says,

Exposing students to coding from an early age helps to demystify and area that can be intimidating. It also breaks down stereotypes of computer scientists as boring geeks. Plus, they say, programming is highly creative. Studying it can equip students for a world transformed by technology.

The CEO of Code.Org makes his point for why children should learn coding early on by saying,

Students learn fast at a young age, before stereotypes suggest coding is too difficult, just for nerds, or just for boys. Besides, building apps or games is far more engaging than arithmetic, yet these activities all teach the same concepts. Third-grade students can learn about angles as they work on animation, not just with multiple-choice questions.


If you are interested in attending this session at East End on January 14th after school then be sure to fill out the Google Spreadsheet to let me know you are attending.

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Bailey Pearson

This is my senior graduation project. I chose this to help teach the younger generation about coding as that is what I would like to do in college and I feel it is important for everyone to get their feet wet with it.