Summer of Fun

Stone's Cabbin

Physical Science In Wiscon

My trip involved physical science.We were out wake boarding, wake surfing, skiing, and tubing from 10 to 5 every day (except when it was raining). We also when snorkeling at the sand bar, so we were swimming a lot.

Most interesting part of my vist

On the eighth day up at the lake I decided to try something called Wake surfing, it's like wake boarding but closer to the boat. I wanted to try it because I didn't like being left behind when everyone one when out to wake surf. It turned out to be be and I wake surfed for the rest of the trip, as well as wake board and tube.

Three things about me

First, I have 2 dogs, Norway and Kassie, so I'm a dog person. Second, I love shopping and fashion. Third, I have one brother named Brandon.