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Growing as Reading, Writers and Thinkers From Home! Volume 8

Happy Poetry Month!

We love poetry! We love the way it sounds, the way it paints pictures with words and the way it makes us feel joyful and safe. We are sharing many poems and ideas for writing poems our own poems to launch poetry month!

First up is a video of Laura Perdie Salas reading her poem Water Can Be. Be sure to watch the end of her video where she shows us her website where you can find tons of cool resources about water and student samples of poems.

We have 2 options for writing poetry: "spine poems" with Kwame Alexander (this is so accessible for all learners) and --- with our poet friend, Amy Ludwig Vanderwater.

And lots, lots more! Enjoy friends and keep in touch!

WATER CAN BE... read-aloud!

Spine Poems with Kwame Alexander!

Click on the picture below and watch the first video of author, poet and teacher Kwame Alexander where he teaches us how to write spine poems.
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Spine Poem by Ms. Senatore and Lucia



Better than Before

Where the Mountain Meets the Moon

Some Places More than Others

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The Present

Questions to consider when talking about "The Present"

My students and I viewed this film today and used it to spark conversation for book clubs. Here are some questions that sparked our conversation:

What is going on in this film?

What do you see that makes you say that?

What else do you see?

Watch the film a second time

Now, what else do you see?

What else is going on with the characters?

What did you discover?

Did these questions spark some thoughts? Jot them down and perhaps they will inspire a poem!

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Where do you find poetry?

I love that poet Janet Wong placed her poem on a public bulletin board. This month we encourage you to write some poetry and share it! Maybe you place it in corners of your house for your family to find. Or hang it in your neighborhood when you are out for a walk (if it is okay with your parents.) Maybe you read your poetry out loud while you talk on the phone to a family member or friend. Remember that poetry is meant to be read out loud and shared! It adds beauty and joy to our lives!