By: Dustin Potter

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What s advertising?

Advertising is the activity or profession of creating advertisements for commercial products or services.

Advertising in France

French advertising is different from American advertising. In France, the 4 characteristics of advertising are: la seduction, la spectacle, l'amour, and l'humour.

La Seduction

La seduction means to tempt, to fascinate, or to attract the consumer to the product so he/she will buy it.

La spectacle

La spectacle means to attract the consumer by sight. It should have drama in it to make it a good advertisement.


L'amour refers to romance. It is a big part of French advertising. In the advertisement, it should focus on more of the romance part and not the functions of the products.


L'humour focuses on humor. They should be funny grab the consumers attention.

Does advertising improve the quality of life?

Yes, advertising does improve quality of life. It informs consumers of new products coming out and sales going on. It can help people save money sometimes and help them get the next best thing. Without advertising, people would have a hard time learning about new products.

How do they influence us?

Advertisements influence us by making us feel innocent and not manipulated. They know the consumer wont buy the product if they here bad things as well. So they usually leave out the negatives of the product and only advertise the positives.

How does the seller convince us to buy the product?

Advertisers not only sell you their product, they are selling you an image, an image of popularity, acceptance, etc. They also convince you by making you like the seller first so you will most likely buy something. Salespeople have hundreds of techniques to get you to buy their product.

Brands of French products

A funny ad for a french water [Evian].wmv

French Ad Video

The product is Sharingan, a French water. The target audience is anyone who drinks water. The message is that if you buy their water, you will be nourished and happy. This product is interesting because it is funny.