Even the Odds

Here's what to consider

When was the last time you were hungry in your own home and were unable to feed yourself? What about the last time you were in the store with insufficient funds to purchase what you have? Sadly these are painful daily occurrences to millions of people and families throughout one of the richest countries on the planet. The disparity between rich and poor is a problem here in America without even considering the state of the rest of the world. Then there are the children who are affected by this. We all love the innocence of children but they are being starved right outside our front door with no action from us!

Do something about it!

We all consider ourselves saints when we do what we are asked without question or donate money to the missions of the church or do community service. However, this is not enough! In high school our arms have to be yanked simply to get community service from us and we hate giving in church. This is not noteworthy service. True service is seeing injustice and acting against it. So how can you start? Well you don't even have to go on service missions around the world. You can simply find something easy and local to give your time to. Perhaps even raising awareness can be a start to service. No matter what the service is, the goal should be to help others and bring justice
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World View

In the end, being Americans, we want to look and feel the best. But if we let the world know our deep secrets of poverty and neglect, we could fall into shame. therefore, we should do our part to pitch in and bring smiles back to the faces of our the children. Let's even the odds!