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Technical Support: Help Desk--913-780-8058


Principal: Rick Sola


Asst. Principal: Krista Dueringer (Silver Teams-6,7,8)


Asst. Principal: Erin Richerson (Green Teams-6,7,8)



Rachel Iuli: Green Teams-6,7,8


Makaela King: Silver Teams- 6,7,8



Jenn Ross: jiross@olatheschools.org

School Resource Officer

Taylor Bueker: tshipleysro@olatheschools.org

Attendance Secretary

Angie Peterson: alpeterson@olatheschools.org (913.780.7241)

Student Information Specialist

Melynda Marquardt: mrmarquardt@olatheschools.org

The 22-23 CST Family

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Week of 11/28

Dear CST Family,

Welcome back! I hope you had a nice Thanksgiving break and that you and your family are either healthy or getting back to it. There are 3 weeks until the bigger winter break but this is certainly not the time to coast. I know classes are gearing up for semester's end as so many of our classes are ending (all semester and quarter classes) and even our year-long classes are going to conclude the semester with some sort of finale (project, test, activity). On top of classroom work, we have some concerts to look forward to, a Theater 1 play, city basketball tournament, and a fun-filled spirit week to sprint through the finish.

The pace in the final weeks can feel fast, but please be reminded of our before and after school academic support opportunities for all students. The Wildcat After (or before) Hours (WAH) program is a way for students to get support from a CST teacher or simply have a quiet place at school to get some work done while having access to a teacher. See more details below.

Let's have an awesome three weeks!


3 Week Mini-Session--ALL STUDENTS!

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CST's Father's Club is ready to launch!

An informational event will be held on...

Monday, December 12 beginning at 6:30 in the CST library.

(Presentation will be 45 minutes.)

We will share details about the group and its future at CST as well as an upcoming opportunity for our dads to be involved (spoiler: it'll be the same week!).

CST dads--this is a no pressure opportunity for involvement at CST. As it lifts off the ground, your availability will fluctuate, but with so many dads on board, support will never be an issue. Truly, a NO pressure group.

Father's Club is currently established in all 5 Olathe high schools and is kicking off in several Olathe middle schools. Its origins stem from Blue Valley and has expanded to several surrounding districts and schools. Father's Club at CST will be tailored to CST's needs. The evening on December 12 will be an opportunity to hear from FC founders, Olathe South's FC chapter head, and CST principal, Rick Sola, also a CST father.

This is an exciting opportunity to take part in the start of what will be around CST years to come. See you at 6:30 on Monday, December 12th!

Thank you, parents...

Thank you to the wonderful CST parent community for their staff meal support before Thanksgiving break. The dishes brought in were fantastic and a real treat as we had our "CST Family" meal in the lounge. Thank you to Lori Grantham and Becca Stanley for facilitating the effort.

Congrats Mr. Woolcott and Mrs. Ross!

Mr. Dan Woolcott, 8th grade resource teacher, received a grant to complete the CST sensory room. This room is in progress currently, but with the $2500 grant from the Olathe Public School Foundation, he will be able to purchase addition items for the room. This will included furniture, mats, fidgets, and more. Many students have taken advantage of this in-progress room already this year and we are excited to bring it its full potential. Thank you and congrats, Mr. Woolcott!

Nurse Jenn Ross received the Educator of Excellence (E2) Award the Thursday before break. She was nominated by parents, students, and staff as an example of excellence in our district. Of all our certified employees district wide, only 2 receive this award a month. This is a huge honor, and for those who know Nurse Ross, so deserving. Nurse Ross is the best!

Wildcat of the Month!

A new tradition has begun at CST. A monthly student recognition for "Wildcat of the Month". This award recognizes students who show great CST pride and who exemplify CST ROCS (Respect, Ownership, Compassion, Safety) with others on a consistent basis. Staff nominate and vote for students who fulfill this criteria and we'll continue this through the end of the year. At the end of the year a "Wildcat of the Year" will be selected.

Congrats to those selected and to those nominated for this wonderful recognition!

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Coming Soon to CST...Pennies for Shoes!!!

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CST Recognized by Mayor John Bacon for "pennies" effort (2021)

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FYI: Lost and Found Items to be donated on 12/16

21st Century Academy Application

8th graders,

Use the link below to apply to 21st Century Academy!


Boys' Basketball Tryout Info

Boys basketball tryouts begin January 3, 2023. Contact Coach Reed with questions. As a reminder, students must have a physical on file to tryout for basketball.Contact Coach Reed with questions.

Follow Us on Twitter! @CSTWildcatsMS

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The above hashtag was used before break to highlight many reasons of thanks. To see the full #CSTThankful collection, do a search on Twitter. We have much to be thankful for!
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Extra Halloween Candy??? CST ROCS Store Drive ...

Want to get rid of extra Halloween candy? Consider donating to the ROCS store. We'll bundle it up and make it available for purchase with our ROCS tokens!

Colder weather and traffic

As the weather turns and we have less walkers/bikers and more vehicle traffic, please plan accordingly and allow extra time for morning drop-off. Encourage your child to have their items quickly available and to finish conversations prior to stopping so exiting the vehicle can be as efficient as possible. This helps the line not back up and maintains a constant flow of traffic. A few other reminders to assist with safety and efficiency...

  • Those dropping in the front of the school may pass activity drop-off on the left
  • If dropping off at the activity entrance, please do not pass others who are dropping off at the activity entrance to then merge back into the same line--this creates a safety issue
  • Form 2 lines for afternoon pick-up--students may cross at cross walks with CST staff only...do not encourage your child to run across traffic

Thank you for your support as we promote safety and efficiency.

Chess Club

Did you know CST has a chess club? Every Tuesday, after school, chess club meets until 4pm. Mr. Dunaway sponsors the club and the group will compete, learn strategies, and eventually have a chess tournament.

Go Gaurdian Parent App


The information below is from technology and outlines a software available for parents for monitoring your child's district device outside the school day. For full details, click the PDF button below. Check it out!

What is included in the GoGuardian Parent App:

• Top 5 summary of student browsing (apps, extensions, documents, and websites visited)

• Teacher interventions

• 30-day view of websites, videos, documents, apps, and extensions

• Ability to block websites on school-issued devices during out-of-school hours

• Ability to pause internet access on school-issued devices during out-of-school hours, either on-demand or at a scheduled time.

Read more in the attached PDF.

Teen Help Clinic

Olathe Public Schools Help Clinic is offering groups in November and December. All groups will meet at Mill Creek Campus (300 E. Loula Street). Students are encouraged to attend all sessions and there will be a limited number of spots available. Students can sign up for both Tuesday and Thursday groups if interested.

  • Coping with School and Social Stressors for Middle Schoolers – 4pm Tuesdays
  • Coping with School and Social Stressors for High Schoolers – 5pm Tuesdays

  • Anxiety Management for Middle Schoolers - 4pm Thursdays
  • Anxiety Management for 3rd-5th Graders - 5pm Thursdays

Groups will meet on the following dates:

Tuesdays: November 8th, November 15th, November 29th, December 6th and December 13th.

Thursdays: November 10th, November 17th, December 1st, December 8th and December 15th.

*There will be no groups on November 22nd and November 24th due to Fall Break.


SIGN UP HERE/ INSCRIBASE AQUI: https://forms.gle/HZsRmrYpPiBDrTj6A


La Clínica de Ayuda de las Escuelas Públicas de Olathe está ofreciendo grupos en noviembre y diciembre. Todos los grupos se reunirán en Mill Creek Campus (300 E. Loula Street). Se invita a los estudiantes a asistir a todas las sesiones, habrá un número limitado de lugares disponibles. Los estudiantes pueden inscribirse en los grupos de los martes y los jueves si están interesados.

  • Cómo afrontar el Estrés Escolar y Social para Estudiantes de Secundaria - martes 4pm
  • Cómo afrontar el Estrés Escolar y Social para Estudiantes de Preparatoria - martes 5pm

  • Control de la Ansiedad para Estudiantes de Secundaria - jueves 4pm
  • Control de la Ansiedad para Estudiantes de3º a 5º Grado - jueves 5pm

Los grupos se reunirán en las siguientes fechas

Martes: 8 de noviembre, 15 de noviembre, 29 de noviembre, 6 de diciembre y 13 de diciembre.

Los jueves: 10 de noviembre, 17 de noviembre, 1 de diciembre, 8 de diciembre y 15 de diciembre.

*No habrá grupos los días 22 y 24 de noviembre debido a las vacaciones de otoño.

913-780-7049 * HelpClinic@olatheschools.org

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Reminder: Student Survey Opt-In Form

Dear Parent(s)/Guardian(s):

We thank you and your family for being our valued partners as we work together to educate the children in our district. To learn more about student experiences and needs, we will be asking for your child’s feedback via an online survey that will be completed at school. The tool that will be used is SAEBRS/mySAEBRS. Over 70% of schools in Kansas use SAEBRS/mySAEBRS to identify needs that may present barriers to learning. The skills that SAEBRS/mySAEBRS measures are skills that that help students succeed in school, career, and life. For the Olathe Public Schools, SAEBRS/mySAEBRS measures behaviors in 3 categories: social, academic, and emotional. Results are one piece of data to help educators identify and provide instruction and interventions within their classrooms. Parent consent is required for SAEBRS/mySAEBRS.

For those students whose families have consented, the SAEBRS/mySAEBRS screening will be completed between November 28 – February 3rd. For students in K-1, teachers will complete the SAEBRS survey about what behaviors they observed in your student. For students in grades 2-12, students will be asked to complete the mySAEBRS survey about themselves. Surveys take about 5 minutes. Children whose parents have not opted in for this survey will not take the survey. For both surveys, students or teachers will be given the opportunity to provide a rating of Never, Sometimes, Often, and Almost Always on the following:

1. I argue with others.

2. I get along with my peers.

3. I lose my temper.

4. I disrupt class.

5. I am respectful.

6. Other people like me. (on mySAEBRS only)

7. I have trouble waiting my turn.

8. I like school.

9. I am ready for class.

10. I get good grades.

11. I have trouble working alone.

12. It's hard to pay attention in class.

13. I participate in class.

14. I feel sad.

15. I feel nervous.

16. I like to try new things.

17. I am happy.

18. I am worried.

19. When something bad happens it takes me a while to feel better.

20. I like being alone.

To provide consent for your student to participate in SAEBRS/mySAEBRS complete this form. If you have multiple children in the district, you will need to complete a form for each student.

Please reach out to your child’s counselor or school principal with any questions.


Rick Sola



Recordatorio: Formulario de participación en la encuesta de los estudiantes

Estimado(s) padre(s)/tutor(es):

Le agradecemos a usted y a su familia por ser nuestros valiosos colaboradores mientras trabajamos juntos para educar a los niños de nuestro distrito. Para conocer más sobre las experiencias y necesidades de los estudiantes, les pedimos la opinión de sus hijos a través de una encuesta en línea que será completada en la escuela. La herramienta que se utilizará es SAEBRS/mySAEBRS. Más del 70% de las escuelas en Kansas utilizan SAEBRS/mySAEBRS para identificar las necesidades que pueden presentar barreras para el aprendizaje.

Las habilidades que mide SAEBRS/mySAEBRS son habilidades que ayudan a los estudiantes a sobresalir en la escuela, profesión y en la vida. Para las Escuelas Públicas de Olathe, SAEBRS/mySAEBRS mide la conducta en 3 categorías: social, académica y

emocional. Los resultados son una pieza de datos para ayudar a los educadores a identificar y proporcionar instrucción e intervenciones dentro de sus salones de clase.

Se requiere el consentimiento de los padres para el uso de SAEBRS/mySAEBRS. Para aquellos estudiantes cuyas familias han dado su consentimiento, el examen SAEBRS/miSAEBRS se completará entre el 28 de noviembre y el 3 de febrero. Para los estudiantes en los grados K-1, los maestros completarán la encuesta SAEBRS sobre los comportamientos que observaron en su estudiante. Para los estudiantes en los grados 2-12, se les pedirá que completen la encuesta mySAEBRS sobre ellos mismos. Las encuestas duran unos 5 minutos. Los estudiantes cuyos padres no hayan autorizado esta encuesta no la realizarán.

Para ambas encuestas, los estudiantes o los profesores tendrán la oportunidad de dar una calificación de Nunca, A veces, Con Frecuencia y Casi Siempre en lo siguiente:

1. Discuto con los demás.

2. Me llevo bien con mis compañeros.

3. Pierdo los estribos.

4. Interrumpo la clase.

5. Soy respetuoso.

6. Le caigo bien a los demás. (sólo en mySAEBRS)

7. Me cuesta esperar mi turno.

8. Me gusta la escuela.

9. Estoy preparado para la clase.

10. Saco buenas notas.

11. Tengo problemas para trabajar solo.

12. Me cuesta prestar atención en clase.

13. Participo en clase.

14. Me siento triste.

15. Me siento nervioso.

16. Me gusta intentar cosas nuevas.

17. Me siento feliz.

18. Estoy preocupado.

19. Cuando pasa algo malo tardo en sentirme mejor.

20. Me gusta estar solo.

Para dar el consentimiento para que su estudiante participe en SAEBRS/miSAEBRS complete este formulario. Si tiene varios hijos en el distrito, tendrá que completar un formulario para cada estudiante. Gracias a todos los que han completado el formulario de participación. Si ya ha completado el formulario, puede ignorar este mensaje.

Por favor, póngase en contacto con la escuela si tiene alguna pregunta.


Rick Sola

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Updated: What is PBIS at CST???

Great start to PBIS and CST ROCS this week! We'll operate a store every Friday from 7:15-7:45am. See our behavior matrix below for specific expected behaviors. CST ROCS!

BIG thank you to our parent volunteers this past Friday! See below if you're interested in signing up or donating to the store!

Volunteers for PBIS Store – Fridays 7:15am-7:45am - Auditorium


(Originally in the 8/15 weekly)

Chisholm Trail is launching its new PBIS program this year. PBIS stands for Positive Behavior Intervention and Supports. All Olathe middle schools will eventually have a program. CST will be just the second middle school to implement a program, but CST feeder schools, Madison Place and Sunnyside Elementary, have already implemented theirs. We are so excited launch and for our students to experience this program.

Important Safety Info for Walkers and Bike Riders


Please help us reinforce with students the best sidewalks to use upon arrival for walkers/bike riders (seen with the purple arrows on the map below).

  • Students from east of Mur-Len should cross at the 159th/Mur-Len light and walk/ride toward the football field. They will avoid having to cross all vehicle traffic in the parking lot by doing this.
  • Students coming from Lindenwood should take a left upon reaching the CST property and use the sidewalk next to our open field on the west. They should not cross exiting traffic onto 159th from the CST parking lot.
  • A new bike rack was placed at the doors west of the front entrance.
  • Students should exit the building using the same routes. PLEASE talk with students about crossing 159th at the light/cross walk...for their own safety, they should not cross 159th at any other location.
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Office Staff

Office Assistant: Connie Bray

Attendance Secretary/Assistant Principal's Secretary: Angie Peterson

Bookkeeper/Principal's Secretary: Sara Harris

Data Operator: Melynda Marquardt

School Nurse: Jennifer Ross

Please keep info updated (email, phone number, medical, etc.). Contact the office at 913-780-7240 if you are concerned you may be missing communication or need to update your family's information.