Flag Football

Equipment & Clothing

Equipment and clothing

A soccer player wear shin guards. A tackle football player wears shoulder pads and a helmet. A baseball player wears a mitt. Do you know what kind of equipment and clothing you need so you can play flag football?


Let’s start with the equipment. First, you need a field. It is an area where you play. The field is grassy and shaped like a rectangle with yardage marks. Next, you need a youth sized football. A whistle is used by the referee to blow it when a player is down. A playbook is for the coaches. A flag belt holds the flag on with a special belt. The flags are made out of leather. The other team wants to pull off your flag so you will be down.


You can wear pants or shorts. Each player gets a jersey (a shirt) with the teams name and colors. Cleats are sport shoes with spikes on the bottom that keep you from slipping on the grass. The last thing you need for flag football is a mouthguard. A mouthguard protects your teeth if you get hit in the mouth.


The people are the players,coaches,refree and your family,too.
All in all, there is special equipment and clothing for flag football. Do you want to play flag football? Because I want to do it again this year!