Global Warming blog#2


what social actions have I completed so far.

I have done 1 social action so far and I am planning on doing 2 more. The social action i have done so far is Instagram. I am constantly updating my Instagram page and I will be updating it for the next 2 weeks. so far I have 74 followers on my Instagram account. I usually update my Instagram by adding pictures related to global warming. So far I have about 20 picture on my page. Some of those picture include shocking facts and picture of polar bears swimming in water due to the lack of snow. I feel good when I upload pictures because I know that at least 60 people will be viewing that post.

what social action I am planing on doing.

I am planning on doing a 4 to 5 question survey. This survey will include Question that will make people realize that they are causing global warming and they are capable of preventing it too. The purpose of the survey will be to find out whether people care about global warming or no if yes what are their thoughts about it. I will be collecting all of the data and checking if people are aware of global warming.

what other ways I can think of to create change that relate to my topic.

There are many ways that I can think of that can create change related to my topic. One of the ways that I can think of that can create change is handing out flyers about global warming. The flyer will include basic information about global warming. It will include simple steps that a people can take in order to prevent Global Warming. I think this is a way better Idea then talking to someone in person because the flyer will include way more information that I could tell someone in 1 minute. The Pearson who I am talking to might not have enough time but I can give them a flyer which they can carry easily and read it when they have time. Another way that I can think of that can create change is raising money. The money will be raise by selling several food items and drinks. All of the raised money will be donated to a Climate change research center. The money might not be much but it even the smallest amount can help. The money donated can be used to research about what’s causing global warming and how it can be cured. I fell that raising money will encourage more people to do the same the same and stand up against global warming.

what struggles have I encountered so far.

I have encountered many struggles throughout this project. One of the struggles that I have encounters is that I feel embarrassed when I am posting something on Instagram. Whenever I post something it feels like it was a waste of time. I feel this way because I think people don't really care about posts like this. I think people only care about posts that will get them followers and likes(popular). Another problem I have encountered is that people who do the survey don't take it seriously. Most of the people just circle there answers without even reading the question. It makes me feel really sad because the time and the effort I put into the survey was a waste. Its really sad to know that some people don't care about what happening in our society.