ClassConn Annual Meeting

Saturday, October 14th

ClassConn Annual Meeting--The Slater Museum

Saturday, October 14th, 8:15-3:30

Join us as we celebrate the culmination of a year of Saeclum events at the historic Slater Museum in Norwich, CT.

The exciting agenda offers something for everyone. Highlights from the program include: useful notes on the new Classical Standards, Law and Justice in Caesar's Gallic War (Attention A.P. Teachers!), topics on archaeology in the Mediterranean, and exciting gallery talks showing the best of the Slater Memorial Museum ( There will be a book sale and the CANE Emporium, so get ready to supply your classroom with cool new hands-on learning tools and incentives.

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Returning members...let's share this information with a fellow classicist! Nothing is better than bringing a friend to ClassConn!

ClassConn Annual Meeting

Saturday, Oct. 14th, 8:15am

108 Crescent Street

Norwich, CT

What is ClassConn?

The Classical Association of Connecticut (ClassConn) is the statewide organization for those interested in the Classics. It was formed:

  • to foster excellence in the teaching of Classical languages and civilizations in the schools, colleges, and universities of Connecticut;

  • to advance the study of Classical languages and civilizations and research therein, the diffusion of knowledge thereof, and the continuing education of teachers of such subjects, and

  • to sponsor student activities pertaining to classical languages and civilizations.

ClassConn is the proud sponsor of the Connecticut State Latin Contest, Connecticut State Latin Day (held annually in May) and Connecticut State Ancient Greek Day (held annually in November).

Stephanie Spaulding

If you have any questions about what ClassConn is or how to get involved, please contact me! I am looking forward to meeting you in person at our annual meeting. Consider's a rich way to share ideas and reflect on the day. Be in touch!