This is Not My Hat

by Jon Klassen


This book is the most recent Calldecott winning book. His perpose for writing the book is to teach kids not to steal and ask before you borrow something. This is Not My Hat won the calldecott because he met the criteria of his good drawing and painting skills and discribing his plot and theme in his pictures more than his words.

Another good book that won the calldecott award is The House in The Night. These books are different because The House in The Night has a author and an illistartor. Also they have different settings and themes. The pictures are a lot different too. In the book The House in The Night it looks like the pictures have been drawn then cut out also the pictures are vary dark. In the book This is Not My Hat the book has fairly bright pictures. Also the book the house in the night is about a house in the the dark, he other book is about fish and a hat.

About the Author

  • He was born in Niagra Falls Canada 1981
  • He went to Sheridan Collage for his education
  • He has been awarded for the Calldecott award,the govener generals award, and best english children's illstrated book
  • He has written three books in all of his carrer
  • He is the most recent Calldecott winner

This is Not My Hat - - Jon Kassen

This is Not My Hat

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