Where She Went

Author: Gayle Forman



If you have read If I Stay and you liked it, Where she went is a very character driven novel. Various parts throughout Where She Went is Adam getting ready to go on tour, his relationship changing with his band mates, Shooting Star growing bigger and him reconnecting to Mia. Due to Adam and Mia's past events, they begin by only talking about where they're at in their lives now. I really enjoyed seeing the story alternate between the current events and the past events. It was interesting to see Adam look back on the time before Mia left to see everything he missed. At the end of the 1st book, Adam made a promise to Mia while she was in the hospital. Something great in Where She Went is how Adam knows he still loves Mia, but he told her she didn't have to stay with him at the end of If I Stay.


Where She Went takes place when Adam, Mia, and Kim are 22. They all live in New York City.

Climax|Turning point

The climax is when Adam goes to Mia's performance at the music hall. At the end of the performance, Mia tells someone to bring Adam backstage. Once they meet, it is the first time they have seen each other for three years. It is very awkward, and they are both thinking so much in their heads, but they don't say it out loud. Adam has so many questions that he wants to ask Mia, but he just wants to keep them in for now.

Moral|Life lesson

I think the author is trying to teach us to never give up on our dreams, and always follow your goals in life. So, if you could have someone stay alive, but still leave you, would you?

More Information

Where She Went was a great romantic book that I think readers would enjoy. While it's not as emotional as If I Stay, there is still tons of emotional moments. I loved the relationship build up for Mia and Adam. I like seeing how all of the characters changed in this book.
Samantha Koenigs