4 Levels Of Industry

The Life Of A Diamond By Mackenzie Fieseler


The diamond is found in the most raw form, from the ground. Once it is gathered and processed they get it ready to sell it to the manufacture after it is sized,cleaned and lusterd.


Once the agriculture sends the manufactures the processed diamond their job is to turn the raw material in to product so for the diamond they would make the diamond into a diamond ring and then they would sell it to the wholesaler.


Once the wholesaler gets the diamond ring they sell the diamond ring to the storage, then they transport it to the retailer, and then the retailer sells the product to the store.


The store (Zales) sell the diamond ring to the customer and they also advertise it.

Agriculture, Manufacturing, Wholesale, Service

Its starts out when the miners find the diamond, their job is to clean the diamond and process it the send to the manufacture. Once the manufacture collects the diamond after it was processed by the agriculture their job is to turn the raw diamond into a product (Diamond ring). Then they will give it to the whole sale. The wholesale sells the diamond ring to the retail (storage), Then the transport people takes the diamond ring from the wholesale to the retailer and then the retail sells the product to Zales. then the services sell the diamond ring to the custumer. That is the life cycle of a diamond.