Skies over Sweetwater

By: Julia Moberg

Plot Summary

Bernadette Thompson is 18 years old, lives in Iowa in 1944. She is about to become a Air Force Pilot, but before she does she has to work her way up. So she goes to Sweetwater Texas. A camp for women pilots in training. To help her achieve her goal. She finds great friends, but they all go through many tough challenges, some worst then others. Read the book and find out how they fight their problems, and if they achieve their goals.


I think that achievement and friendship is the theme for this book. Because they use friendship to achieve their goals. Also, they stuck together through the rough times and I think that is some real friendship.


The author learned about the WASP(Women Air force Service Pilots) when she went NYU to earn her B.F.A and M.F.A in dramatic writing. She loved the courage that the women pilots had. So she used her love for writing to tell the story of the importance of American History. Because she thought that this book, "Captures the essence of their lives." She did do research about her topic before she wrote and this was some of the information that she used. They wore jump suits and had a wishing well that they made there wishes in. They also slept on cots and had lockers to put their things in. They also have a Memorial Wall that has all the names of the women that went through WASP training. In downtown Texas they have a amazing theater. The women flew PT 17s and many more planes.

Research that Julia Moberg put into Book

The author said that they wore the men's old jump suits and in the book it said that they wished in the wishing well every night before their tests, check rides, and other big things the next day. In the book they did sleep on cots and did have lockers to put their things, but the author described the bays that all the cots were along the wall and there was a open space in the middle. In the book when Bernadette first gets the the training camp see walks past the Memorial Wall looking at all the names on the wall. Also in the book, Bernadette's friend goes to the downtown theater with her boyfriend. Lastly, the women in the book flew the PT-17s during there check rides.
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