Dennis's Car Wash!

By: Dennis Carter


My company provides service to people with dirt on there cars. I clean cars. I make sure that your ride is suitable for the highway.

My Sole Proprietorship

I chose to have a sole proprietorship, because I want to be able to make my own decisions and run my business like I want it to be ran. I would be at a disadvantage, because all of the responsibilities will fall on me. I plan to overcome these disadvantages by making a reasonable budget so my business wont fail. i will make a good budget so my business wont fail.


I plan to address their many different concerns at biweekly meetings. At these meetings we will address complaints, advantages, and disadvantages that have appeared over the course of time from the meeting prior to the situation. We will not be having a labor union. I don't want to have a labor union ,because we are only a car wash. We don't need it.


My company will only use environment safe products. We will have organic car wash and wax. We will also be using recyclable buckets for the water. The cars will also be over a drain. the drain will carry the used water to our purification system so it can be reused for more washes. We are hand washing cars so that there will be no pollution to the area. We like to consider ourselves as a Green "Car Wash." This making our car wash a very great addition to the community.