Great Gothic House for Sale

Only $20,000

This Vintage House is a steal for all

If you don’t take advantage of the killer price of this house for this many features, then you are insane! In fact I bet you bury your sister while she was still alive, find out that she was still alive and not tell anyone about it.

For Sale! Only $20,000


· 12 Acres of property

· Manor size

· Gothic architecture

· Great storage space in basement, Enough room to store (A dead Body) Your belongings

· Mad out of stone bricks

· Nice vegetation

· Tapestries for decoration

· Many rooms

· An entertaining Ghostly air about it!

Never has a Gothic House been so cheap!


· Houses last owner was insane

· There is small chance it could collapse

· Strange ghostly auras may have been sighted

· If you go insane you cannot hold us legally responsible

· You should probably be careful around the basement storage.

Previous Owners

For centuries this house has been owned by the usher line. Fourtunately for you the last two owners of this house died because the last male heir Roderick Usher was completely Insane. He actually buried his living sister in a tomb and then she died on him.

You Will Not Bury Your Living Sister After Buying This House

As the Poe real estate agency we provide quality housing and homes for those looking for cheap Gothic and antique style housing. We swear were not trying to con you into paying to much for a cursed dilapidated house.