Friday Email


Dear KDM Community,

Last May I shared this with the KDM community and I wanted to circle back to it as we close this week out. I came across this from another school and feel it is one of the most powerful stories. Our staff revisited this idea as we refocused on not only the academic aspects of our day to day, but our interactions with all the students that learn, play, imagine, experiment, and grow within the walls of KDM.

A high school counselor shared this with their staff, they attributed this to their college professor: Educators should keep a pair of baby/kids shoes in their classroom/office to remind us each and every day that ALL of our students who come into our schools are someone's baby, their world, and the most important part of their lives. We should never take the responsibility of taking care of, supporting, and educating other people's babies for granted. It should also be a reminder that we need to always treat our students the same way we would want someone to treat our own kids.

I want to thank our teachers for always guiding their days with this at the forefront. Our students, no matter what size shoes they wear now or in the future, will never forget the effort, caring, and time spent with them when they were growing up and going through our school.

I want to send a message this Friday of love and support for each and every one of the students you share with us each and every day.

Have a wonderful long weekend!

Stacey :)