Billy Sunday

by Brock Witmer

Sunday's Career

  • Billy Sunday played for the Chicago White Stockings for 8 years as an outfielder and an outstanding base runner.
  • He was drafted into the MLB after being noticed on his local town's team.
  • He stole 246 bases!
  • Had 170 runs batted in.

Billy's Life

Billy Sunday was born on November 19, 1862 in Ames, Illinois. He was born in a very poor family. He grew up working various jobs around the community to make money. He played on a lot of local baseball teams and when he became a little bit older (1880’s) he played in the MLB for 8 years. After living a life of fame and baseball stardom, Sunday wanted a change of lifestyle. Billy gave up the major league and became a very extreme evangelist. Sunday had the idea that he wanted the entire world to hear the word of God. He strongly supported “Fundamentalism” which was a religious belief that the world should get back to old fashioned ways in terms of following the Lord. Billy was most famously known for his countless sermons on alcohol, the sale of alcohol, and how the government needs to stop how much whiskey is running the country. Billy made lots of money getting paid to preach for all of these people. He was very energetic and delivered His message passionately, and in a way that strongly moved people.

Steal from the Devil The Story of Billy Sunday

Movie Questions

What was Billy Sunday's form of beliefs referred to?

What did Billy Sunday least like about the people of this Era?

Sunday's Impact on the 1920's

Billy Sunday started a new way of thinking regarding the U.S.'s poor behavior in regards to alcohol. Also he brought light to how the U.S. government needs to change their policies with alcohol. He brings up how citizens need to strengthen their faith and save themselves.