Renaissance Culture

By:Adriana Portillo

Type of Clothing

Back then when the Renaissance they used to wear different clothes than what we use today. Women's back then used to wear dresses which were called Middle Class.The women usually sew clothes for their husbands and for their kids.If they wanted to do Upper-Classes clothing they had to buy the items that they needed in order for them to make/create fashion clothes.They needed silk,satin,velvet,and brocade.Back then the people who wanted to wear fancy clothes used to tell women to make it for them.The women had to buy the supplies they needed in order for them to make the fancy clothes for the people who ordered fancy clothes.The women had to buy harvesting thread and they had to buy the best weaving.

This is a picture of the type of Clothes that the Women and Gentleman used to wear back then.


In the Renaissance the people specked the language of France.So when they said Renaissance they really said "rebirth".They thought that the classical Latin written by Vergil,Cicero,or Julius Caesar was much superior to the Church Latin spoken during their own time.They wanted to purify Latin of it's medieval corruptions.In the process of doing so,ironically,they helped to destroy the living Latin in the middle Ages and turned it into the dead language which it is today.


The Renaissance back then ate different food.The type of food that the Renaissance ate was fried turkey leg and they had to kill the turkeys in order for them to eat and give food to their family and their kids.Back then the mans had to work so that they could get the food for their family.The man usually went out there and killed a lot of animals in order for them to eat and with one whole turkey they ate in the whole day.This is a picture of the kind of turkeys that the Renaissance use to eat.

Renaissance Art

In the Renaissance of the era in Europe from the 14th to the 16th century a new style in painting sculpture and architecture developed after the Gothic even tough the world continued to play an important role in the Europeans.The individual and collective humanity's wordly existence characterized in the Renaissance period.In the 14th century author Petrarch began to study texts from Greece and Rome for their moral content and literary style.Works of this style often emphasized the artifice and adroit skill of the artist.These are pictures of the Renaissance art and architecture.


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Their Housing

Back then when the Renaissance had to do their own housing.They had to use Architecture and some Art in order for them to build their own houses.Housing also represents an important element in all capital formation and the largest single component in the total building effort of any nation.These are some pictures of the Renaissance type of housing.


The intersections of medically trained authors and history in the period 1450 to 1650.The first book was found in a groundbreaking study of connections back then in the Renaissance times.They usually made their own traditions.For Example the picture below will show you a tradition that the Renaissance made once.
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In the Renaissance times they had Historians first use it from about 1840.On the Capitol in Rome,in 1341,a ceremony deliberately echoes the ancient Roman empire.The king of Naples,ruling in Rome on behalf of the pope in Avignon .The event deliberately symbolizes a renewed interest in classical culture,in movement of the Petrarch is a leading figure but the new poet laureate adds a contemporary touch.He immediately goes to the tomb of St.Peter and places it on his wreath.

Renaissance Transportation

Back then when the Renaissance were inventing their transportation they discovered that it was old wagons or cars because back then they didint have any cars like the ones we have now.They had to use big trucks that helped them get from one place to another.Otherwise if they didint have any transportation they just walked from one place to another. Like if they would go from their house to a store they had to walk.This is a picture of the cars they used back then.