Plate project


Continental drift


pg 141 worksheet

continental drift is spreading of the continents that have been moved here today they believed that they were once all together and slowly drifted apart.I kinda of believe in Continental drift because,it does explain a lot like warm plant fossils in cold climates.Also the same rock layers in different places and glacier deposits in south america and Africa

seafloor spreading

pg 276-278

seafloor spreading is when the seafloor expands and creates a new sea floor.I believe and then again i don't believe in seafloor spreading the reason I don't is because where does the seafloor that gets pushed down where does it g and how can we be sure of it.But the reason why i do believe in it is because the seafloor keeps getting larger.

plate tectonics

pg 280

plate tectonics is the theory that the lithosphere is broken into several large slabs

i do believe in it