A Peek at the Week

December 9, 2018

Happy Snowy Sunday!

Mr. Binnicker emailed to let us know that there will be a conference call at 3:00 about tomorrow. I went ahead and adjusted the treats for the week in the event that we are out. So, don't forget to bring treats on your planned day. Remember to bring enough for everyone. Please bring them to the conference room and pick-up your dishes at the end of the day. Happy eating!

Wednesday: 1st, 2nd grade, related arts, and office

Thursday: 3rd, 4th, 5th grade, K4, B. Moore, Kirby

Friday: Clardy, Alverado, Special Ed., K5, and cafeteria staff

GoalPost & Homework (Grades 3-5)

It is difficult for the teachers in Goalpost to ensure that every student completes their homework when the homework students have in each grade is different and when there is a lot of homework to complete. In some cases, teachers are not able to help students finish within the time that they have them, and they also are not able to check to make sure it is all being done correctly. We want Goalpost to be effective in making sure that these students have someone to help them with their work as these students have been identified as needing to attend in order to have help with their homework. There a couple of solutions to this issue:

1. With the promise standards that have been identified, Goalpost students could work on the same work focused on the promise standard. This work would need to be provided by your grade level and given to Inga so that she would have it each week. This would give Goalpost students additional time to master your promise standards.

2. Each grade level identifies the same homework for all homerooms so that the Goalpost teachers can work through the problems with the group as a whole. This could be math reviews for example, but needs to be the same for every class.

Take a look at the students attending Goalpost and what they need most from their time in this program. Also, please do not forget that homework should not be excessive and should not take students more than 45 minutes total each night for students to complete. Many of our students do not have families to support them at home, so it should be practice and studying that students can complete independently.


Continue to level your students. This is important information as we are taking another look at our intervention.

Pirate Ship Playground

As you know, the Pirate Ship playground is a large area to supervise. Make sure you are positioned to be able to see all students as far back as the big trees on the other side of the track near the road.

New York

I mentioned the trip to New York in March to the Teacher's College in our faculty meeting. I have heard from some of you who are very interested in going. This is a trip that we will begin taking yearly so that we can continue to grow as reading teachers. If you are at all interested, let me know as soon as possible.

Lost and Found

Please encourage your students to look over the items on the lost and found rack this week.

I hope you have a great week!