Mary G. Porter Traditional School

By, Caity Nguyen

School Summary

Address: 15311 Forest Grove Drive Woodbridge, VA 22191

Principal: Darci Whitehead
Assistant Principle: Kaitlyn Douglas

Grade Levels: 1st Grade to 8th Grade

School Colors: Red,White,and Blue (The colors of the American Flag!)

Date Opened: September 7, 2004 (Been 'School of Exellence' for 9 years!)

We named our school after a local educator, Mary G. Porter, who began her career as a first grade teacher in a three-room elementary school.

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Our school has many traditions such as greeters. In every classroom we have someone to be a greeter to greet any visitors or teachers coming to our classroom. We also have the Porter Creed and we do that every morning after we do the Pledge of Alligence. Whenever the students do something good we get these 'star qualities' that has character traits and every Friday, at the end of the day, they randomly pick some people who did a star quality and then they can get a prize for being great at the end of the week. Whenever we have to be quiet , we usually have to have stars and stripes, and thats basically reading quietly. Whenever we HAVE to be quiet, we would give the teach five. Not a high five but you raise your hand and look at the teacher quietly.
Give Me Five-


2:Look at the Speaker

3:Get ready to listen

4:Sit Still

5:Raise your hand to show you are ready

Star Qualities-










Sense of Humor