In Help People Ni we aim to help and support people in parts of the world where Christians are persecuted such as Nigeria,Iraq and Algeria. Our aim is to provide fresh water,food for the table and shelter. With monies we are able to send volunteers to help educate and teach skills bring urgent medical supplies. Help People NI helps support the Christians in these countries Prayerfully, Financially and Practically .

By you donating money towards Help People NI you will make a difference to someone in need.

This Is one Of the Stories

Karim Siaghi's Story

On 25 May Karim Siaghi (also spelled as Siaghi Krimo) was charged by a criminal court in Oran, west of Algiers, for insulting Muhammad. Karim had given his neighbour a Christian CD, the neighbour subsequently filed a complaint accusing Karim of attempting to convert him to Christianity. The judge passed sentence in the absence of the only witness and without any evidence being heard. The judge handed down the maximum sentence rather than the minimum that the prosecutor had recommended: five years in prison, not two, plus a fine of £1,700 in place of £425.Karim, who has a wife and baby daughter, is not required to serve his prison sentence until the court hears his appeal and upholds the conviction. His appeal was postponed multiple times and has again been postponed.Since 2008, approximately ten Algerian Christians have faced court hearings but Karim and one other are the only individuals who have received verdicts, while the other charged Algerians named below remain in a state of uncertainty.

The Video Clip

muslims kill Christians in Nigeria, Kenya

The Video Clip Above

This Video Clip above shows you what it is like over in Nigeria, Kenya. This Video also shows how much the Christians really need us over there.

With the Help of Help people NI, We can help them and save most of them.


We are a Society who help people who are being Prosecuted in the world who are being prosecuted for believe in a religion.