Dividing and Multiplying Decimals

Get answers to three impotent questions about decimals!

Three importent questions that will be answered.

How do you use multiplying and dividing decimals in real life?

What are steps to follow when multiplying decimals?

What are steps to follow when dividing decimals?

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How do you use multiplying and dividing decimals in real life?

You might not think so,but you use multiplying and diving decimals all the time.Here are just a few examples.Have you ever been to the store and brought five items that are the same price? If you buy more than three items of the same price instead of adding all the prices together yo would multiply.Or if you are splitting the bill at a restrant with a freind you would divide decimals to evenly split the bill.As you can see you use dividing and multiplying decimals everyday of your life.

What are the steps to multiplying decimals.

Multiplying decimals might seem scary ,but it's not that hard you just have to follow the steps.The first step is to pretend the decimals aren't there and just do regular multiplication.The next step is to move the decimal as many spaces as there are behind the decimal.Thats how you multiply decimals,not so scary after all is it.
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What are the steps to dividing decimals

The first step to dividing decimals is to divid normaly as if the decimals arn't there.Then you mvoe the decimal striat up to place the decimal.If you have a remandier you add a zero to the number you are dividing and bring it down.Dividing decimals isn't so bad after all.