Civil Court

Erik Guerin


Plaintiff: This is the person that is filing the lawsuit

Defendant: This is the person that is being sued or charged with a crime

Complaint: A document saying that there is a lawsuit coming

Summons: An order for someone to appear in court due to a complaint

Pleadings: In a civil case, this is the combination of the complaint and the answer

Pre-Trial Conference: A meeting between attorneys and the plaintiff/defendant before the trial

Mediation: This is when a third person helps either the plaintiff or defendant to come to a solution

Arbitration: When a third person hears arguments from both sides and makes a decision for both of them

Trial: The presentation of evidence from both parties to come to a conclusion

Preponderance of Evidence: When a person makes a claim in court, they must present enough evidence to support said claim

Verdict: The final decision made in court

Appeal: When one of the parties thinks something was wrong in the court, they file an appeal to raise the case to a higher court