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By Maddie

Interviewing Jenna Fox

We have recently interviewed the famous Jenna Fox! We have decided to share it with you.

CT: What is it like to be made of BoGel?
Jenna: I can't taste or feel pain. But, I can still feel things as if my body was flesh and blood. It is very strange.

CT : How did you find out that you were made of BioGel?
Jenna: I found out after I cut my hand. There was no blood and under the skin it was blue. When I confronted my parents, they told my I was made of BioGel.

CT: How does it feel to live after your friends and family died?
Jenna: I was sad to see them go, but it was nature. I now have Kayla and Allys to share the rest of my life with.

CT: What did you think of Ethan?
Jenna: He was one of the only people I could trust. When I told him my secret, he accepted it and moved on. I will always hold him in my heart.

CT: What happened while you were in a coma?
Jenna: While I was in a coma, I could still hear and smell. Death was the only scent, and I could hear Lily praying and Claire crying. It was not a happy time.

CT: How do you feel about your parents?
Jenna: I am still a little angry at them for not telling me and doing this to me. But I have always loved them, so I won't stop now.

CT: Did you like the charter?
Jenna: I liked it a lot, and I loved being able to get out of my house. At the charter, I was able to learn things like friendship, aand other things I wasn't programmed with. I have very good memories there.

CT: How did you feel about Lily?
Jenna: Lily helped me destroy some backups that my parents had hidden. She loved me before I was reconstructed of BioGel, and started loving me about a year after. I will love her forever.

CT: Why did you keep going to school after you found out you were made of BioGel?
Jenna: I kept going mostly because Claire wanted me to. Also, I had friends at the charter, and they were worth the trouble of going.

CT: Do you worry about what your daughter might do when she finds out about you?
Jenna: I do not worry. I think she will understand perfectly and move on past it.

CT: Thank you for your time. We're very lucky we have you to set an example for other people who have been in accidents.

Obituary For Kara

Kara Manning has died in a car crash. Today we honor her life.

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News we just received states that the FSEB has loosened it's position on humanity to were a person can be up to 5% human. They say that even though most of a person's body may be nonhuman, they are still partially human and they are not completely inhuman, and they can still think and feel like regular humans. They also say that people who are already injured should be able to make the choice of whether or not they are going to be changed. If they can't, then the loved one closest to them will choose. This special report is now over.