Feed Your Cat

By: Cameron and Jackson

History (Origin)

The idea of feeding your cat originated in the domestication of felines in 7500 BC on the Mediterranean island of Cyrus. Cats were domesticated long ago, as a popular house pet for Egyptian royalty. Cats were domesticated into the house, and no longer could go out and search for food, giving the need to be fed.
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Official Rules

Cats have a very inflexible feeding schedule, as they have different nutrition needs than other pets. Vets suggest that you should feed your cat several times a day so they feel more full, but feeding your feline friend at least once a day is good, so it doesn't starve.
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Unofficial Rules

You should only feed your cat things that they are intended to eat. Cats are not supposed to eat vegetables all of their life and should be given good food. A cats idea meal is some good fish or a nice hearty steak.
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Never Feed Your Cat Too Much

The obesity of cats is linked directly to cat health issues including diabetes, arthritis , and urinary tract disease. These diseases are not good for the cats, and that's why you should feed you cat, but never too much.
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When You Feed Your Cat Properly

Cat falls from three-story building - Why did he leap?

When You Feed Your Cat Improperly

Cat falls to its death