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Day 1

April 25, 1854 my wagon group and I set out for the Oregon Trail to seek for a new life. I had brought my wife Goomba, my son Rick Ross junior, and my second son Oompa. For my supplies I brought one blanket, bedding, five candle sticks, one hunting knife, one pistol, one hunting rifle, 10 lb of coffee, clothes, flint and steal, gun powder, bacon, a shovel, dried beef, dried fruit, water barrels, ammunition, fresh meat, a wooden box, a pick ax, and $150. My family and I set off in the early morning just after the sun had come up. The scenery was a beautiful sight as we started on our path towards the Oregon trail. We then got on our wagons and set of on our perilous journey.

As day one passed by everything went by without a problem. We had minor delays but everyone was energetic and optimistic. As we were traveling, we spotted some game. One of our wagon members missed their game and instead hit one of our wagon wheels. They dropped their gun in the river and broke it. Even though this happened we still had ten lbs. of meat and a spare wheel.

Day 2

The second day of our journey did not start well. One of Evan's family members broke their leg because a wagon fell on top of it. Evan successfully healed his family member and we continued. Soon after we met a tribal chief and gained five boxes of ammunition for each of our members. Then we took a ferry across the Sand Flats River. Once we were on the other side we went hunting.

At this point in the day, things started to go our way. Even though Mateous shot his water barrel we still got a lot of meat. Max and Evan got ten lbs. of rabbit and Lonis got fifty lbs. of buffalo. Later in the day we hit a fork in the road and got caught in a dust storm near the burial grounds. we survived without a scratch.

Day 3

After day two still walking along the burial grounds safely. After the burial grounds day three didn't start out well. Max's wagon tips over and the rain soaks the tarp on Jay and I's wagons were soaked by the rain but Evan and Quins wagons didn't. As the day went on Mateus's baby was playing on the side of his wagon and fell and got crushed by the wheel but surprisingly it lived and healed successfully. Mateus was ecstatic that his baby had survived. Then as we had been following the trail Indians had attacked us and stole our things. Mateus and Max had lost twenty lbs. of elk and Jay and Quin lose fifteen lbs. of turkey. It had started to get dark and we where about to make camp, but we finally discover that something good has happened, we found water. Max had boiled the water and let it cool so it could be drinkable. Then we started to set up our beds and rested for tomorrow.

Day 4

As we packed our things back into our wagons and started riding towards the end of the Oregon trail. Then our wagon leader Quin fell onto a cactus had to stay standing for most of the trip because it hurt when she sat. After this had happened we thought that the chaos was over. Then suddenly the Cholera disease had hit one family member of Mateus and two of Max's and one of Jay's had died. This was a devastating day for all of us. We had decided to take a moment of silence to acknowledge that our lost one had gone to a better place. We decided to hunt later that day everybody got something except max who had shot his wagon wheel, good thing he had a spare one. Our group had assumed that we in the clear but then Indians had attacked us and we all lost two-hundred bulk weight units of supplies. As we patched ourselves up from the attack we went on and crossed the Hades dessert. we soon fully crossed the Hades dessert and crossed through the mountains. after we'd finished crossing the mountain we had to choices either to stay back and camp the night and take the six month route or take the one week route while a snow storm was happening. without hesitation we took the short route with confidence and courage that wed get there and sure enough barely alive we crossed it and made it out alive. This was the best day of our lives.

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