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The Social Personality Type

The social personality type usually consist of friendly and skilled people that use words and solve problems by emotions. A social personality type enjoys informing, helping, training, developing, and curing people in their work. Their empathy and sensitivity to emotional cues helps them solve people's problems; maybe even before others are aware of them. People like these can help other individuals and generate positive thinking for a good cause.


At most times, Psychology would be simply defined as the learning of human behavior and how the human brain works. In my opinion, ( and others included) Psychology falls on the Social Personality type.
The shares between both are clearly equal; for, they both consist of helping the people in a positive way. Psychologists also help cure people's emotions and problems, as they also prevent any harm towards the people themselves.

Psychology: Does it really suit me?

For as long as I remember, I've always wanted a job that will allow me to help other people and enjoy it at the same time; Psychology fits perfectly into my personality type, hobbies, and my favorite subjects.
It majors in both English and Science, allowing me to pool over and learn more about those beloved subjects of mine. It also allows me to help people whom which I've been dreaming to do; nevertheless, I believe I will try my hardest to succeed and learn more about Psychology.
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Psychology suits me.

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