March 1, 2019

UpComing Dates

Saturday - March 2

Wrestling @ Mt. Calvary

Sunday - March 3

8:15 and 10:45 Church

12:00 pm Call Meeting

Monday - March 4

6:15 pm WISCO Grade School Band

Tuesday - March 5 Band Lessons

7:00 am Faculty Bible Study

12:00 pm Chruch Staff Meeting

3:45 pm Wrestling

4:00 pm Math Track @ WISCO

5 - 8 Culvers Night

6:30 pm School Choice Meeting

Wednesday - March 6

8:45 am Chapel Pastor Gates

3:45 & 6:30 pm Lenten Supper

5:00 pm Culto de miercoles de ceniza

Thursday - March 7

7:30 am 5-8 Meeting

10:00 am WLSTC Meeting (Justin)

3:45 pm Wrestling

Friday - March 8

LPS Tournament

Jr. Choir Festival

7 - 2 pm WCRIS Conference (Justin)

2:45 pm Jr. Choir

5:00 pm Pine Car Derby/Pioneer Sleep-over.

Saturday - March 9

Wrestling @ WISCO

Sunday - March 10

8:15 and 10:45 Church

12:00 pm Call Meeting

Devotion Leader

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  • We did not call anyone at the call meeting, we asked for a new list. We will try to place two calls next Sunday.
  • Extra JC rehearsals Monday at 2:05 and Wednesday ?????
  • Tuesday morning is Faculty Bible Study
  • Hand out the church listings for the kids.
  • You should be planning what you are going to have for your classroom displays. Upper grades you should have a grade display.
  • Just an FYI I have the Waukesha Police lined up to come in on Friday, March 15th from 2:30 - 3:30 to speak with the 5-8 graders about dangers of social media and how to be safe online. I am going to open this up to upper-grade parents also.
  • Thank you for all of your hard work every week. We could not do everything that we do without it.


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How to teach students about Copy Right

Digital Citizenship is all of our jobs as teachers. We need to be teaching our students how to correctly filter and use the resources on the internet. Just because we can copy and paste that does not mean it is always the best way.

Let's Give Our Teaching Language a MakeOver

I felt this dovetails nicely with our book we are reading about professional development.

24 Exit Tickets

Some good ideas on how to end a lesson.