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Keaton Seglem

Proof that plates have moved?

The proof that the plates have moved are rift valleys and mountains because of the plates pushing together and moving apart and those plates moving apart cause rift valleys and others. Plates that are moving apart are called convergent. Plates that are pushing together cause mountains and others. The plates moving apart are called divergent.

What is erosion and what does it do?

Erosion is the type of physical effects that happen to the surface of the earth. The three main types of erosion are; Wind, Water, Ice. Wind is the least powerful erosion. Then it goes water then Ice.

Keaton Seglem

I am a miner that has been searching for minerals since I was 5 (family business.) I have 6 brothers and 12 sisters. They are all 13 years old except one is 3, and he is already a better miner than half of my siblings. I myself am 21, my parents are 98 and 83. There is a big difference in our family of ages.

Dead things in rocks.