Hunting Ground

Till It Happens To You....

The Hunting Ground's purpose was to spread the stories of rape victims on college campuses and how they did not recieve the justice they deserved.

In the documentary there was several girls that told their story about how their schools and deans did nothing about it except tell them to keep quiet. The girls were made to feel as though it was their fault that they were vigorously raped because of what they were wearing and what they were doing at the time. The purpose of the documentary was to tell those stories and to expose the schools for not doing anything about it. The schools did not want it getting out that rape was happening on their campus, especially if the student was in a sport because then they would lose money. In hope of telling all of this, the girls hoped that people would join their movement against hiding the rapists at schools.


These girls did a very good job of showing their purpose. The statistics they used were so skin crawling to hear to about it and it made you feel sad for those girls and boys. Hearing the stories from the actual people it had happened too was a bold strong feeling. As they're telling you the story their faces are as If they're reliving that night. Some of them cant finish the story without crying and some of them they were emotionless. Then as you are told from people who used to work for the school that they are made to keep quiet about it as they are having at least 100 students come confide in them about what had happened, you get mad. The effect this documentary has on people shows for yourself that they did a good job getting their message out

"Being raped is like playing a game of football"

My Take On It

This has made a huge impact on the world. There are now millions of schools under inspection and millions of girls coming forward and finally telling their story. This is going to make more people aware of what is going on and what they can do to help.