Meadow Creek Monday Message

December 7

Meadow Creek’s mission is to promote learning by challenging all to reach their potential

in a safe, nurturing environment by communicating, collaborating and congratulating!

Strategy of the Week: Setting High Academic Expectations

Technique 2: Right is Right

Right is Right is about the difference between partially right and all-the-way right. Between pretty good and 100%. When you sign off and tell a student she is right, she must not be betrayed into thinking she can do something she cannot.

When answers are almost correct, it's important to tell students that they are almost there, that you like what they have done so far, that they are closing in on the right answer, that they have done some good work or made a great start. You can repeat a student's answer back to them so he can listen for what's missing and further correct. Or you can encourage, prod or cajole in other ways until you get students all the way to a version that is right and that is rigorous. In holding out for Right, you set the expectation that the questions you ask and their answers truly matter.

From: Teach Like a Champion by Doug Lemov

Faculty Meeting

We will have a faculty meeting on December 10 for the Chapter 3 Champions to facilitate the book talk on Engaging Students with Poverty In Mind. Please be sure you have read Chapter 3 before our meeting. Join us at 3:20!

Dolphin Choir Christmas performance

The Dolphin Choir will be performing for parents on Tuesday, December 8 at 6:30 PM. The dress rehearsal will be on Monday, December 7 at 1:45 in the cafeteria for all students in PK-6. Thank you to Gwen for her hard work!

PTA Reindeer Store

The PTA will be hosting the Reindeer Store again this year. It will be in D2. It is open from 7:45 to 11:30 and 1:00 to 3:30 Monday through Friday.

Meadow Creek Faculty Christmas Party

Be sure to RSVP for our fabulous fiesta of a party at Fuzzy's Tacos on Wednesday, December 9! Be sure to pick up a pair of holiday socks and fill them , just like Santa. It will be fun to see which socks you take home and what goodies are inside! It won't be a party without you so please plan to join us all!

Meadow Creek Faculty Lunch

You are cordially invited to a Meadow Creek Faculty Lunch on Monday, December 14. We will have a festive feast for you as our way of saying Happy Holidays to everyone!


Don't forget to turn in your order for freshly made pizzas on Tuesday, December 15. The Food Truck will be parked right outside the school for you to pick up your order! It is always nice when you don't have to pack a lunch!

Bi-Annual Shredding

If you have school documents that need to be shredded, the district will pick up boxes on December 12. You will need to use copy paper boxes only for the items to be shredded. Please be sure your boxes are in the office by the end of school on December 12. They will do this again in the middle of May.

PTA Dessert Extravaganza!

Mark your calendar for Wednesday, December 16 for the annual Meadow Creek Dessert Extravaganza! Delicious homemade desserts will be our prize.....depending on your number, you will have a delicious treat to take home for your family to enjoy!

December Drills

We have a shelter in place drill planned for December 10 at 2:15.


We need to be taking attendance on your computer twice a day, once at 8:15 and the second one at 9:45. The 9:45 attendance is the official submission so be sure you are doing it at 9:45, even if nothing has changed from the 8:15 submission.

Please be sure you are checking your mailbox at least two times a day. Thank you for your help in getting the fliers in the students binders. Please don't leave them out for students to pick up but be sure that everyone has one to take home.

Be sure you are traveling with your students in the hallways at all times. Your presence alone will reinforce the CHAMPS behavior that we expect of all students.

December Birthdays

December 4 - Ana Natal

December 6 - Carol Lindsey

December 11 - Jenny Tatarevich

December 16 - Paul Jenkins

December 19 - Rebecca Cotton

December 22 - Diane West

December 28 - Amy Ruby

December 31 - Kristen Reese

Professional Development

December 8

K-5 Problem Solving Strategies

December 14

K-2 Science Preview

December 15

6th grade ELA Preview

Important Dates

December 7 - PTA Reindeer Store and Penny Drive begin

December 7 - Dolphin Choir Christmas program dress rehearsal at 1:45 for PK-6 students

December 8 - Reading CBA grades 3-6

December 8 - Dolphin Choir Christmas Show 6:30 PM

December 9 - Meadow Creek Faculty Christmas party

December 10 - Geography Bee at 8:45 for grade 5

December 10 - Shelter in place drill at 2:15

December 10 - Faculty Meeting - Chapter 3 Champions

December 11 - All Pro Dad Breakfast

December 11 - 6th grade hot chocolate sale after school

December 12 - Breakfast with Santa 8 AM to 10 AM

December 14 - Meadow Creek Christmas Luncheon

December 16 - Harwood Band and Choir at 8:15 AM

December 16 - Meadow Creek PTA Dessert Extravaganza after school

December 17 - Christmas Parties at 2:00 PM

December 18 - Harmony performs! 9:45

December 18 - Santa arrives