We Need to Help the "Christ People"

Iasia Richardson

What's Going On?

There is some not Church like stuff that is going around town. Some so called Popes are asking people for money, which is not tithes. Do not listen to the Pope. People are really giving money to them. They are only using your money for themselves and not for the Church or God. Are you really going to give them all your hard own money? Or are you going to stop giving them your money to them and give it to God?

We might get excommunicated, but at least we doing right. God will appreciate what we are doing. After we fix this mess that is going on, we will go to Heaven without having to pay just to get into Heaven. You know God loves you, do you really have to pay just know that he does? You know the right decision to make.

My people, help me to help you to help our Church we had before and not now. If we have enough people to do this with me, maybe we could make a change. I think we can make a difference in this stuff that is going on. Please help me! Come around my house to get more information.

Pope is NOT God!!!

You people have to remember that Pope Leo X is not God. Pope cannot make the decision to say you go to Heaven or Hell, only God can do that. Pope cannot see what happens when you died. He might say he does, but only one person know what really happen. God.

When you pray to God and all that stuff, God loves you. Every time you pray, He forgives you for your sins. You might not feel like, but He does. God and Jesus loves all of us. The Pope is not a real Pope like he said he is. A real Pope will not do that to us and/or God.

"The pope himself cannot remit guilt, but only declare and confirm that it has been remitted by God; or, at most, he can remit it in cases reserved to his discretion. Except for these cases, the guilt remains untouched."