Leonardo da Vinci

A true Renaissance man.

What was Leonardo like in his early life?

Leonardo Da Vinci, was born in the month of April on the year 1452 to Ser Piero da Vinci and Caterina da Vinci. He was born in a region of Italy called Tuscany, near a small village named Vinci. He stayed with mother until he was two where he was taken and lived at his father's estate. After Leonardo left his mother she would have one son and four daughters. His father was often away on business, traveling to neighboring towns, eventually he met a young wealthy women and married and they settled in her home in the city of Florence, it was decided that Leonardo would stay in Vinci, and live with his uncle Francesco who was only sixteen, and his two grandparents. Leonardo was a curious child and constantly asked question for his uncle to answer, he would study trees and plants, rocks, and animals, to see how they grow. The local priest would teach him how to read and write and use a abacus, this would be the only education that Leonardo would get.

Leonardo as a young apprentice

Leonardo started working in Verrocchio workshop when he was around the age of 17, Because most bottegas were taking in around the age of 13, Because Leonardo was mostly likely significantly older than his fellow apprentices. Leonardo most probable begun his apprenticeship as a sculptor by learning how to create three-dimensional forms in different media. He would have also learned "the basics" of painting such as choosing the corrected paintbrushes for the job, mixing colors and the preparation of the canvases and panels.

Who did Leonardo Influence?

After Leonardo had to returned to Florence in the year of 1500 after his eighteen year departure. He inspired a whole new generation of artists with the start of some of his great works such as, The Mona Lisa, The Battle of Anghiari, and St. John the Baptist, among many more. This generation would include such legends, Andrea del Sarto, Michelangelo, and Raphael. Some painters of this time, and other painters today try to imitate Leonardo knowledge of perspective and anatomy and his very accurate observation of nature. Leonardo greatly influenced Michelangelo, because they had a rivalry that pushed one another to try there best to top one-other.

Some of Leonardo's great works

Leonardo's Legacy

To this date only seventeen of Leonardo painting have survived and not are finished. Sadly none of his sculptures survived. Despite this he is still called one of the best painters of all time. After Leonardo died he left a lot for us to think about and absorb regarding his paintings. People, to this day, are still wondering how someone could understand so much about perspective in Renaissance times. His most famous painting, The Mona Lisa which translates to My Lady Lisa can be seen in ;The Louvre, in France, where people from all around the world come to admire and bask in the complexity of the painting has been a hugely popular piece. Regardless of whether you like or dislike Leonardo Da Vinci, it is hard not to admit that Leonardo was a very talented man, regarding his painting skill and observations of nature, because of this he was a true Renaissance Man.
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