Step Into Second Grade

Wrapping Up the Week with Rambling Nonsense


Sorry my email is late but I wanted to send it a little differently this time. I am learning about so many new things in grad school and I couldn't wait to try sending you a digital flyer. What to you think?. I hope you like it! This will allow me to send you pictures {with captions} and other fun stuff so you can see what we're up to each week.

We also had a serious game of Jenga going on at our house and tonight was the first night of the new Grey's Anatomy. I know....I know... nerd alert.


The Valentine Party is from 1:00-1:45pm. Pink or red clothing is a must for the party! And yes, real boys wear pink! You are welcome to stop by. My cards are ready for tomorrow. I don't know if I'm more excited about all the little prizes, my valentine cards, or the Star Wars tattoos I have for the party. No party is complete without temporary tattoos and add that there are some Star Wars ones! The Party Planners have put together some super fun activities and snacks for tomorrow. Don't forget to send in a few dollars for your contribution. It's nice to have everyone chip in a little something.


We added a Word Work page. Just like the Weekly Math Magic, this work to be completed outside of class is optional. I will reward students Dojo points if he/she completes the Word Work page. This week the spelling pattern is silent letters like mb, gn, sc, ng, and wr. Your child will need time to find other words with the spelling pattern.
Mtn Dew Kickstart: Puppymonkeybaby | Super Bowl Spot


Puppymonkeybaby, Puppymonkeybaby, puppymonkeybaby. If you haven't seen the ridiculousness, check it out....This is what they are torturing me with. I think they love messing with me. The kiddos and I have had some serious belly laughs. I've jokingly told them if they say puppymonkeybaby, that I will take all their Dojo Points away. Of course I'm kidding, I wouldn't really take them all away. Because of this video, I will never buy Mountain Dew. Would you believe that you can buy a puppymonkeybaby t-shirt too!? {Not going to lie, I secretly want the shirt just to tease the kiddos, but really who thinks of this stuff?}