Mrs. Rollins' Class

Room 104

Lots of fun in room 104!

Writer's Workshop: Last week we finished up our Mentor Study...we learned how to write like some of the great authors like Anjela Johnson, Mo Willems, Karma Wilson, etc. This week we began a new unit- How to writing!

Reader's Workshop: We are also starting a new unit in reading workshop! We are going to be studying about non fiction books and non fiction text features, ask your child about the nonfiction song we learned today!

Word Study: Adverbs and long e are on the agenda this week! Plus you will find new spelling patterns in the take home folder today!

Math: we are discussing measuring and comparing weight!
Home Math Practice: to help your child practice his/her math skills, here
are some things you can do this week:
- Number relationships like “10 more than 28 is 38”
- Say 2 two-digit numbers and have your child tell
you which is the greater number
- Practice skip counting by 2’s
- Ten more and ten less addition and subtraction
-Count coins

Science/Social Studies: US symbols this week and US Presidents next week!

Valentine's Day Party

Our class party will be February 14! We will be making ice cream sundaes! Please look in the folder to see what to bring! Thanks!

We will pass out Valentines day cards in class as part of our party. Feel free to buy or make cards. Here is our class list:

Noah, Erin, Parker, Arianna, Jake, Coby, Jenna, Justus, Brayden, Nicholas, Tyler R., Toree, Alexis, Adam, Aubrey, Amiyah, Billy, Sean, Tyler B., Gerald, Mallory, and Ariel, Ms. Repasky, Mrs. Rollins!

Please don't forget to do the February Family Project and turn it in on Thursday! I saw some Valentine's mailbox kits at Target for $5 this weekend! If you are unable to make the box, I will have materials for your child to complete one on Thursday!

Lots of fun (and hard work) making 3D shapes!

We are in need of paper again for our weekly readers again, if you can spare a ream, it would be greatly appreciated!

Important dates:

February 11- Mrs. Rollins out for CSISD training

February 13- Party supply items due and February Family Project due

February 14- Valentines day party @12:15

February 17- President's Day- Student Holiday/no school

February 24- Mrs. Rollins out of town

Congrats to Toree for being this week's fabulous Falcon!!

look for pic tomorrow!