Date: November 13, 2007

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Author: Jean Ferris

  • Nominated for Dorthy Canfield Fisher Children's Book Award
  • Nominated for Lambda Literary Award for Children and Young Adult
  • Author of many books some ALA Best Books for Young Adults

Main Characters


"I'd never seriously thought about running before."

This is a quote said by Charlotte. Throughout the book she sometimes wanted to runaway but was scared too because she had seen in previous experiences what would happened. I think this is kinda unbelievable because toward the end of the book she was negotiating whether she should stay behind with Stephen or go with the other slaves.

"All that day I was waiting for night so we could have our music and our dancing."

This quote was said by Charlotte and I think had a really big significance. This line made me visualize what was being said and it basically told me that Charlotte was coming out of her comfort zone and really look forward to seeing Stephen. It also it showed that aside from all the harsh work and cruel beatings the slaves still were hopeful and tried to find some positive.

"Best place I've ever been. The works not too hard, I have good folks to work with-"

This quote is said by Stephen. To me this quote really shows Stephen's positive up side. He really found the positive in everything. I think that was one of the important reasons of why Charlotte fell in love with him. I think that's also why he helped save so many slaves.

Main Conflict

The most important thing going on in this book is that Stephen Bishop thinks he is free when he is inside the cave. He has the most authority in the cave because he knows it best. On the other hand Charlotte a newcomer in the cave doesn't really feel free a disagrees with Stephen and thinks at anytime they could be sold like property.

Most Important Point

One of the most important points to me is when Charlotte really becomes attracted to Stephen. With his kind ways, smart thinking, adventurous mind, and overall charming I think this is really a main focus of how Charlotte gains trust


Charlotte wants to run away and escape slavery. Instead she stays back with Stephen and helps assist other runaway slaves on there way to freedom in Ohio. As all of this happens Charlotte and Stephen really fall in love and grow this bond.

3 main details


I think the book is really well written. It gave a lot of information on how the slaves felt and kept it interesting. The slaves were the main characters and they really had a voice. It gave you a small sample of what life was like as a slave and really brought you in with some adventure and romance. Great book and would recommend it to anyone who is curious about slaves and the underground railroad.