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Thank you to all who supported the bake sale last Sunday

The High School group's Bake Sale last Sunday was the most successful they've ever done! Just over $300 was raised for the RE Scholarship Fund, which provides need-based scholarships for youth to attend the district Conferences and trainings that are a very important part of UU youth experience, as well as funding group field trips so that all may participate equally regardless of family means.

Thank you to all the youth (and their families) who volunteered as bakers and staffed the table, and thank you to all the generous folks who supported them while enjoying those yummy treats.

You may be wondering about the difference between this fund and our usual way of budgeting and funding our programs. (Regular, on-going expenses of the youth program are funded through the regular budget process.) Why is this fund supported through special fundraising efforts instead of through the regular budget? The decision was made for one simple reason: to empower and equip our youth to create sustainable beloved community. They are learning about and practicing stewardship as they balance their planned fun field trips with the necessary fundraising to support the costs, and as they all work together to make sure that CONs are available to all of our youth. And they're doing a great job!

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This Sunday, October 28th

This Sunday our Director of Religious Education, Sara Lewis, will be away attending the District Youth CON with some of our high school youth. Our staff RE teacher, Anisa Bentlemsani, will be coordinating the Sunday classes. You can also look for the Family Greeter, Tiffany Felch, if you need help finding the right class or group.


  • Spirit Play class for preschool-5th grade, with the story "Nana Upstairs, Nana Downstairs"
  • Middle School group departing for a field trip to the UU congregation in Tacoma (carpools are being organized in advance, email Sara at by Friday noon if you are attending)


  • Spirit Play class for PreK, with the story "Nana Upstairs, Nana Downstairs"
  • Labyrinth Learning class for 1st-5th grade, with a Day of the Dead honoring of death and those who have died.
  • No Middle School group meeting - they are away on a field trip

No 12:30 High School Youth Group - they are away at District CON

Sunday and Every Day: Taking It Home

Last Sunday we learned about important Universalist ministers: John Murray and Hosea Ballou. Much of their core message was about Love, and the idea that all people are loved by God, all are deserving of love, and about unconditional love.

  • Do you think Murray and Ballou were prophetic people? What inspiration can we draw from their stories?
  • What does unconditional love look like? Do you experience unconditional love in your life? In your family?
  • What actions could you take as a family to spread more Love in the world?
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Looking Ahead, Sunday November 4th

There will NOT be a family chapel on November 4th because our DRE is away that Sunday at the Fall Conference of the Liberal Religious Educators Association. Family Chapel will be held on November 11th instead.

9:15 Spirit Play for preschool to 5th grade, with a lesson the UU Sources

11:00 Spirit Play for preK with a lesson the UU Sources

11:00 Labyrinth Learning for 1st-5th grade, learning about Moses and the 10 Commandments

11:00 Middle School Group learning about Judaism and Islam (field trips coming up, TBA)

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