Karl Marx

Father of Communism

Welcome to Marxism (Overview on Karl)

  • Karl Marx was a Prussian philosopher, economist, sociologist, and revolutionary socialist.
  • Karl is most known for the writing of the "Communist Manifesto". The collection of his thoughts on economy, social order, and philosophy reside within it, the three of which has been referred to collectively as Marxism.
  • Karl was the father of this radical Socialism, and pushed heavy for it when he was alive.
  • His thoughts and beliefs would later be taken by Lenin for the creation of the Soviet Union.
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The Stuff

Marx was born in Prussia to an upper middle class family. He got normal schooling and studied political economy and Hegelian Philosophy.

Karl was known for the idea that the working class is being oppressed by the Proletariat class, the man on top. It was his idea and main philosophy that everyone should work just as hard as each other, and get equal pay for his work. This was the birth of original Socialism, and eventually lead to communism.

Workers of the world unite! - This would be a quote to sum up what he is all about. Everything to make sure the workers are fairly treated, and are given the same pay for what they do as everyone else on top would make for doing nothing.