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Aims and Principals of Save The Children

Save The Children is Australia leading independent organisation for the protection and development of Children.

There vision is 'A world in which every child attains the right to survival, protection, development and participation.'

They aim to: Prevent deaths from curable disease, present the opportunity of education to all children, assist in accidents (for example, natural disaster), protect and shelter children from harm, and understand their rights and responsibilities.

Save the Children value ambition, collaboration, creativity, integrity and accountability.

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Save the Children Australia Programs - From little things big things grow

Save the Children Australia

This video speaks about how Save the Children focuses on being active and being part of what is important. Rather than just donating money to charity, they become involved and they do what they can to help. This video mainly focuses on Indigenous children and other Australians, however there are many Save the Children organisations set in different countries like the USA and the UK.

Abuse and Recruitment is Central African Republic

This article is raising awareness against the attacks in Central South Africa. It talks about how young boys are being forced into armed groups and children are being sexually abused. Also, there have been robberies all over the area, even mattresses from hospital beds have been stolen as well as frequent riots and serious break ins.

How does this relate to Save the Children? This relates because Save the Children have been warning people about and trying to raise awareness for this problem. They reckon children and their families need humanitarian assistance.