The Racism In Canada

Say no to Racism.

The aspect in Canada for the racism

  • The population of Canada is absolutely mixed, because lots of aboriginal people live here.
  • The Canada's Constitution provides legislative platform against the racism.

Kind of racism

There are two kinds of racism;

  • personal kind of racism.
  • systemic kind of racism.

  • The personal racism where one individual or group discriminates against another on the basis of race, causing that person or group to suffer. People hear about most often.

Example: An Indian man with a Ph. D. in economics, Oxford English, and 10 years of banking experience does not get a teller's job at a bank only to find out that the person who got the job is recent collage graduate with no banking experience.

  • The systemic racism occurs when a system is structured in such a way that it excludes or harms a group of people.

Example: For many year First Nations peoples had difficulty getting hired as teachers of their own people. For a variety of reason, there were proportionately fewer First Nations children than other children graduating from Grade 12 and going on to university.

How will this issue be solved?

  • The best way to eliminate the racism it is through education and awareness.
  • Ignorance is make stronger the racism. (Unite against the racism, and we must raise our voice against the racism).

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by: Daniel Dobos