University of Arizona

Tempe, Arizona

Whitewash the "A"

The annual tradition when the freshman class hikes “A” Mountain and whitewashes the coveted gold “A” during Welcome Week, indicating the commencement of another year at Arizona State University. Everyone knows this as the beginning of a new year and they also get to enjoy watching the freshmen do what they had to years previous.

The Homecoming Parade

A popular, time-honored event that draws large crowds to downtown Tempe where hundreds of campus clubs, organizations, and local businesses display their floats to members of the community and student body, as well as alumni. Also all students wear gold to represent school spirit and this is called the "Gold Rush". This especially happens at the homecoming football game.

The Lantern Walk

This is considered Arizona State's most prominent tradition. Dating back to 1917, the Lantern Walk unites all students and alumni when they gather at the base of “A” Mountain for a night of Sun Devil pride culminating in a fireworks display at the top of the mountain. All students attend and it is a huge night of parties and celebrating school spirit. It is something all students at Arizona State look forward to.